Anabelle - Coach at The Gala Empire

Meet Coach Anabelle, a passionate basketball coach hailing from the vibrant city of Miami, Florida. Her journey in basketball began with varsity play, showcasing her skills until an unexpected turn of events cut her playing career short during her junior year of high school. However, this setback became the catalyst that led her to her true calling which was The Gala Empire.

Since 2018, Coach Anabelle has dedicated herself to training and developing the youth in basketball. Through her expertise and commitment, she has left a positive impact on numerous communities. By organizing charity clinics in the inner cities of Miami, she has not only honed young athletes’ basketball abilities but also instilled valuable character traits among them.

Her coaching prowess knows no bounds, as she caters to athletes of all skill levels – from beginners taking their first steps on the court to professionals seeking to elevate their game. Coach Anabelle possesses the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your basketball aspirations, regardless of where you envision your game taking you.

With her guidance, you can rest assured that your basketball journey will be filled with growth, inspiration, and empowerment. Coach Anabelle’s dedication to the game and her students is unwavering, making her a trusted mentor and role model in the world of basketball training. Get ready to elevate your game and embark on an unforgettable basketball journey under the tutelage of Coach Anabelle!