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A Slam Dunk for Change

The Gala Empire
Building Hope, Skills, and Leaders on the Basketball Court

Introducing The Gala Empire, founded by Coach Kenneth and Anabelle, dedicated basketball skill development coaches since 2018. Both hailing from the inner city of Miami, Florida, they noticed a lack of hope and dreamers in their minority communities.

When their high school closed in 2017, they found a new path that would lead to their destiny. By late 2018, they began sharing their knowledge by training local youth for charity, studying the game’s greats, and mastering their craft. Their passion for basketball and the need for cultural change in sports led to the birth of The Gala Empire, where GALA stands for “Got A Lot Accomplished.”

Their standard of excellence is unwavering.

With a desire to bring about positive change, Coach Anabelle and Kenneth focused on pursuing their own dreams rather than fulfilling someone else’s. They believe in educating themselves continuously and honing their techniques, enabling them to impact all ages and skill levels through basketball.

From beginners to professionals, The Gala Empire offers a chance for personal growth and development. Their training not only enhances basketball skills but also instills critical thinking, leadership, teamwork, and confidence.

The respect earned from those who experience their culture drives them to spread their vision worldwide, empowering athletes and communities everywhere.

From Inner City to Worldwide Influence
The Gala Empire's Mission to Change Lives Through Basketball


coaching staff

Kenneth- Coach at The Gala Empire
Kenneth Bodie Jr.


Basketball Enthusiast & Empowerment Advocate. Coach Kenneth, a passionate basketball enthusiast and mentor. From a young age, basketball became more than just a game for Coach Kenneth; it became a way of life, fueling a deep desire to create opportunities for aspiring athletes and empowering them with essential life skills.

Anabelle - Coach at The Gala Empire
Anabelle Duncan


Meet Coach Anabelle, a passionate basketball coach hailing from the vibrant city of Miami, Florida. Her journey in basketball began with varsity play, showcasing her skills, until an unexpected turn of events cut her playing career short during her junior year of high school.  was The Gala Empire.

Beyond the Game
How The Gala Empire is Changing Lives Through Basketball

our classes

Whether it's school or afterschool,
we have it all!

Join our Afterschool Enrichment Classes for student athletes! Develop basketball skills and intrapersonal abilities through teamwork, communication, and leadership. Embark on an exciting journey of growth through basketball. Elevate your game!.

Embrace active learning with The Gala Empire's PE classes. From basketball fundamentals to team-building, we promote sportsmanship and a healthy lifestyle in a fun environment. Join us for an enjoyable journey in physical education!

Experience comprehensive Group skill development with our Personal Development Training sessions, refine techniques at Sports Clinics, and have an unforgettable basketball experience at our Sports Camps. Become a more confident player on the court!"